The company «Vokrug Sveta» LLC (in English – “Around the World”) is the legal owner of the trade mark HOTEL.BYTM and the only owner of on-line hotel booking service in Belarus, arranged on the site http://hotel.by

This service is free-of-charge and allows corporate clients and private persons from the Republic of Belarus and any other countries to book quickly rooms in Belarus hotels of all categories at reduced prices at the moment of ordering.

Development history

The company «Vokrug Sveta» was founded in 1994 as an agency for hotel booking in Minsk and rendering of services for comparatively small sector of domestic Belarusian market.

Nowadays the company «Vokrug Sveta» LLC is one of leading Belarusian tourist operators on incoming tourism. Company activity covers approximately 20 % of the tourist service market in Belarus.

«Vokrug Sveta» LLC is the member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and its official partner in exhibiting and conferencing abroad, including those on national level.

Unique activities of «Vokrug Sveta» LLC

In 2005, with the direct participation of «Vokrug Sveta» LLC, the Parliament of Belarus ratified WTO Charter according to which Belarus was affiliated as WTO member.

The company «Vokrug Sveta» LLC is the only company in Belarus which is experienced in long-term business with global reservation systems (GDS).

«Vokrug Sveta» LLC is the organizer of “Club of corporate travelers”, the first in Belarus. We provide full complex of business tourist servicing for corporate partners — beginning from booking of hotels to the organization of seminars in the Republic of Belarus and in other countries.

Clients of the company

Clients and partners of «Vokrug Sveta» LLC «Around the World» are mainly:

  • Largest foreign and Belarusian tourist operators,
  • State enterprises,
  • Private companies,
  • Diplomatic and commercial representatives,
  • Banks,
  • Official delegations,
  • Sports teams,
  • Visitors and participants of exhibitions, sports and cultural actions.

«Vokrug Sveta» services

Now the company renders services on professional servicing of foreign tourist groups and individual travelers in Belarus - from economic to VIP level.

The following services are most in demand:

  • Hotel accommodation of clients with essential discounts,
  • Visa support, meeting and seeing-off of visitors with observance of requirements of business, national and international protocol,
  • Transportation services by passenger motor transport,
  • Services of qualified interpreters,
  • Excursion servicing and leisure of travelers.

Excellent knowledge of region, long-term operational experience, stability and reliability guarantee high quality of services for the clients of the company «Vokrug Sveta» LLC. The range of company services meets the latest requirements of the tourist market and includes full package of detailed offers in response to actual inquiries of clients, quick booking confirmation, including GDS electronic systems, operative consultations of energetic and dedicated professionals, flexibility and personal support at every stage of servicing.