Terms of use

Conditions and Rules of an Order in the “On-line” Reservation System Hotel.by (hereinafter Guidelines)

You should familiarize yourself with these Guidelines before You order (reserve) services rendered by the Company “Vokrug sveta”. These Guidelines are binding for any user of the order (reservation) system of the Company “Vokrug sveta”.

General provisions

By making an order (reservation) in the system You confirm that you’ve got acquainted with these Guidelines and accept all conditions thereof.

Only a person over 18 is entitled for an order (reservation). All orders are personal and are not subject to resale or transfer to a third party.

These conditions extend to all orders (reservations) made on the web-site of the company “Vokrug sveta” or otherwise.

The company “Vokrug sveta” confirms its being the resident of the Republic of Belarus and its registration with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Sole Entrepreneurs under No. 100997632. Legal and postal address: 10 Internatsionalnaya St., Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220030.

Using the “on-line” reservation system, You confirm that you accept these Guidelines in person and on behalf of other participants of the trip or Your customers.

Any reservation made on the web-site is recognized as a request for the corresponding hotel accommodation services or other tourist services offered by the company “Vokrug sveta”. Absolute and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of terms and conditions of this offer shall be Your compensation in payment for reservation services to an account with the relevant reservation number and receipt by LLC “Vokrug sveta” of the corresponding payment certification (copy of the document, cash inflow, statement of account etc.).

The deal between You and LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall not be accomplished, unless LLC “Vokrug sveta”:

  1. provides You with an order number;
  2. sends You a confirmation of the order by e-mail, fax or post;
  3. receives full payment of the order.

Full payment is made by a credit or a debit card after the order made on the web-site of the company “Vokrug sveta”. If it is not possible to confirm the initial order, the company shall send a detailed alternative proposal to the customer’s email. Like any order such an alternative proposal shall be kept for 48 hours to give the customer a chance to notify the company on agreement to the order and make a full payment. If no confirmation and full payment is made within 48 hours, the order shall be automatically cancelled.

LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall reserve the right to alter current service prices owing >5% change in the exchange rates, introduction and change in taxes and other payments and changes in prices.

All hotel rates in the reservation system are given per room (unless stipulated additionally in appendices) and include breakfast, taxes, registration (unless stipulated otherwise).

Any additional fees (local, resort fees etc.) not stipulated in the agreement with a hotel shall be paid by the customer separately and on site.


Hotel Reservation

No orders shall be taken less than 48 hours before alleged hotel check-in.

Hotel star ratings are used to describe general quality, level of service, nutrition standards and range of hotel services. Number of hotel stars is specified according to the Hotel Certification Standards of the Republic of Belarus.

All the information on this web-site (including data on tourist services and hotels) is reliable by virtue of such information being provided by relevant hotels. Still, the customers shall keep in mind that LLC “Vokrug sveta” can not verify the accuracy of all the hotel data provided and LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall not bear responsibility for inadequacy of the provided data.

You and Your guests shall have a valid passport, a visa and corresponding health status. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance and medical expense insurance are strongly advised.

Orders can be cancelled or altered under conditions below:

  • orders made more than 72 hours before the arrival (excluding orders below) include a 48h waiting period.
    This period allows free cancellation or modification of any part of the order within 24 hours after initial confirmation.
  • cancellation and alteration related to decrease in the number of hotel rooms (irrespective of types thereof) and the number of nights shall be made under conditions below:
    Cancellation time Cancellation charges
    0 - 72 hours in advance Cost of the first night
    72 h - 1 week in advance Free of charge
    0 - 72 hours in advance Cost of the first night
    More than 72 hours in advance Free of charge

Changes in the names of tourists or the age of the children shall be made free of charge. Any alterations shall be made if there’s an opportunity for such alterations.

The customer shall be liable for the accuracy of information provided (name, passport details, other required information) for reservation of hotel rooms.

If the customer fails to arrive in the hotel in time stipulated in the order or leaves the hotel early, the customer can cancel or alter the order upon receipt of the notice hereon by LLC “Vokrug sveta” in the working hours of LLC “Vorkug sveta”.

Any cancellations or alterations shall be charged correspondingly. A cancellation request sent directly to the hotel or any location shall not be considered. Requests for cancellation or alterations shall be sent by email incoming@vokrugsveta.by or fax +375 17 200-16-86.

Orders and Reservation of Other Tourist Services:

- Individual Transfers

Special conditions
While making an order the customer receives a special notice on whether there are special order conditions and payment conditions for cancellation of such an order.
Charges for transfer cancellation unrelated to special conditions shall depend on the time of application for cancellation with respect to the relevant transfer.


Cancellation and Alteration
Cancellation time Cancellation charge
0 - 48 in advance 100% price
More than 48 h in advance Free of charge

Important information on individual transfers:

  • porter’s services are not included in the order cost;
  • tips are not included in the transfer cost;
  • the passenger with a luggage shall make sure that the ordered vehicle is suitable for transportation of all the luggage. If the passenger has extra cargo, he/she shall pay any extra costs for transportation of such extra cargo at their own expense;
  • if the ordered service starts at an airport or a railway station, the customer shall wait for a driver or a representative in the place specified in a voucher;
  • if the customer fails to find the driver or the representative in the specified place of the service start, he/she shall prior to any other actions call by the phone specified in appendix to the voucher;
  • if the ordered service starts in the place of location or night’s lodging, the customer shall be in the place specified in the voucher 5 minutes before the specified time;
  • if the transfer cost includes services of a local representative, the representative shall assist You with entry registration at the airport;
  • if you order a transfer with a driver speaking a local or a foreign language, you should keep in mind that such driver shall not assist you with entry registration at the airport, unless specified in detail in a service description;
  • the customer shall be responsible for provision of all required and accurate data for order execution;
  • duration of a transfer is the duration of a transportation as such. The company shall not be liable for the customer’s being late for the flight, train or other means of transportation as a result of which the performance of the ordered service may take more time than specified.

Responsibility and Other Conditions

If there is a claim or criticism, the customer shall execute such a claim or criticism in writing and certify it with a hotel representative or a representative of a services manager. Documented claim or criticism shall be forwarded to LLC “Vokrug sveta”. If it is not possible to eliminate the cause of such claim or criticism on site, the customer shall refer in writing to LLC ‘Vokrug sveta” no later than 20 days after termination of the ordered services. LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall consider claims and criticism only with a resolution of a hotel representative or a representative of a services manager on impossibility to settle or process such claims or criticism on site. LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall forward a reply against such claims or criticism within 10 working days.

LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall not be responsible for failure or delay of the order or liabilities that are in direct or indirect relation with reasons beyond the company’s control. Such reasons may include: acts of God, military acts and revolts, uprising, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, revolts, acts of government (including without limitation termination of agreements), fire, flood, lightning, explosion, fog or any bad weather, failure of public facilities (including electricity, gas, water or telecommunication), repair works in a hotel, strikes, boycotts, embargo on import/export, blockade.

LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall reserve the right to amend such conditions.

Orders shall be made in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and pertain to the competence of the Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus.

LLC “Vokrug sveta” shall guarantee protection of Your rights and interests.

Any disputes under this agreement that have failed to be settled by negotiation shall be processed in the Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus.

Using this order (reservation) system, You undertake to observe these Guidelines. We shall reserve the right to amend or delete sections of these Guidelines to our discretion and at any time. We kindly ask You to refer to this section from time to time for potential amendments. Further application of this order (reservation) system after amendments made shall be Your unconditional acceptance of such amendments. We shall also reserve the right for unilateral amendment of the Guidelines contents, including without limitation services and programs subject to change without notice and without any liability in this regard.

Since we do not control the process of data transfer in the whole internet space via commercial access operators and are not aware of the information security level on Your computer, we shall not able to give You a 100% guarantee of secure data transfer in internet from your computer to our manager. You use internet at your own risk. It is also essential to take measures to secure private information and protect Your personal computer against unauthorized access.

We are a dealer of the service provider in the sphere of traveling. We offer, sell and reserve such tourist services as air tickets, hotel accommodation, car rental, excursions. We shall not bear responsibility for violation of a carriage contract and/or contract of service provision and any other actions or neglect on part of providers of said tourist services that can result in damage to You and/or Your property, or overset of Your plans. We do not guarantee reservation conditions and Fare Rules subject to exclusive management of such service providers. We shall not be liable for any overset of Your plans or impossibility of Your trip owing to bankruptcy of any service provider, financial crisis, political storm or social unrest, strike, climatic accidents, local laws, other contingencies, including acts of terrorism and other force majeure circumstances.

By accepting these Guidelines, You confer immunity on us and our providers from any claim, suit or court action raised against us by You or on Your behalf on grounds beyond our responsibility and occurred when using this order (reservation) system.