Payment order

Payment order

Accepted for payment
Visa / MasterCard cards of all types.
Payment is made via the Internet in real time.

Online payment security

When choosing to pay for recharging an account using a bank card, payment processing (including entering a bank card number) takes place on the website of the WEBPAY ™ electronic payment system, which has passed international certification.
The secure WEBPAY ™ server establishes an encrypted connection using the secure TLS protocol and confidentially receives from the client the data of his plastic bank card (card number, holder’s name, expiration date, and control number of the bank card CVC / CVC2).

The CVV2 / CVC2 code is a three-digit control number that is printed on the back of a bank card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of the special signature strip. Entering the number is necessary to ensure that the card is used by the real owner.

In addition, when processing payments by bank cards, the secure technology 3D-Secure is used, which is required by the international payment system VISA.

Proof of payment

After payment, the Client receives an electronic check:


A voucher for accommodation is automatically sent to the email address specified during booking after payment:

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If you have not received a voucher, you need to contact the managers of our company by phone +375 29302-88-55 or e-mail

Cancel Reservation

Refund policies are indicated for each room when booking. Refunds are made in the personal account created during registration. When paying with a bank payment card, a refund is made to the card with which the payment was made. If you have any problems, you need to contact the managers of our company by phone +375 29302-88-55 or e-mail